Friday, February 14, 2014

Office 365 SharePoint 2013 - Blog Customization - Show Posts By Author - Part 1

Recently I worked on blog customization project which required to show the posts by authors in Office 365 SharePoint 2013 public facing site blog.

Here is the guide you can use to do same for yourself.
Part 1: Create a page that shows the authors posts
Part 2: Show authors list on left navigation on blog page

Step 1: Get ListId, ListName and WebId from Posts.aspx

Open your site in SharePoint Designer 2013
Go to "All Files" on left and then "Pages" library
Right click on "Posts.aspx" and choose "Edit Fie in Advance Mode"
Use find tool to find "ListId" and then grab the ListId and ListName value
Use find tool to find "WebId" and then grab "WebId" value

Step 2: Make WebPart ready

Download the WebPart and edit it (for example Notepad++).
Replace the ListId, ListName and WebId value that we grabbed in Step1, take a look at following screenshot of replacement done:

Save this WebPart now.

Step 3: Create a page to show author's post

Create a new page and name it "authorposts"
While the page in Edit mode, Go to "Insert" > "WebParts" > "Upload Web Part" and browse to the WebPart that you created in Step2. When prompted click "OK" to save the page.
The WebPart is still not added, once again go to "Insert" tab > "WebPart" >  "Imported Web Parts" > "AuthorPosts.webpart" and finally click on "Add" button (on right)
Now save the page
We are done with this step now, so far we have created a page that has WebPart that actually shows the posts.
Now it turns to show the authors list on the left navigation so that users can browser. Let's move to Part 2

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