Friday, February 14, 2014

Office 365 SharePoint 2013 - Blog Customization - Show Posts By Author - Part 2

Part 1: Create a page that shows the authors posts
Part 2: Show authors list on left navigation of blog page

Step 1: Download the XSL file and upload it to "Site Assets" library and finally grab the url of that uploded XSL file.

Step 2: Now repeat all the steps mentioned in this step to following pages:

  1. siteurl/Pages/Blog.aspx
  2. siteurl/Pages/Posts.aspx
  3. siteurl/Pages/Post.aspx
Edit the page and click on "Add Webpart" on left navigation

Add "Posts" WebPart

Edit the WebPart
Paste the XSL link in Miscellaneous > XSL Link
Specify title in Appearance > Title
Specify url and description in Advance > Title Url & Advance > Description
(This will help not to user navigate away from the page)

Hit OK and Save the page

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