Saturday, July 26, 2014

How To Figure Out SharePoint List or Document Library Column's Internal Name

SharePoint List and Document Library has a fixed internal name beside title of that field shown to user.
This field remains unchanged throughout the column's existence in that list.

Here is the simplest approch to figure out internal name of a field / column

  1. Go to list's settings page

    List's settings option shown in ribbon's 'List' tab

  2. Click on the field / column name
    Under "Columns" section click on desired column name

  3. Notice the last part of url that says "Field=", the value after that is internal name of fieldCopy all text after "Field=" 
  4. Now decode the value.
    Open , paste the test, and click on "Decode".
    This is the internal name of field.

That's all, hope you found it helpful.

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