Saturday, October 11, 2014

SharePoint 2010 Project Tasks List - Dashboard

It is just a coincident I see a requirement for Project Tasks List dashboard on StackExchange which I recently did for my self.

The overall goal is to show tasks progress in fill bar with overall status. The solution is no server side code solution so it can work in all environment. Following is screenshot how it will look like finally:

Here are step by step guide:

1. Create your Project Tasks list

2. Create a new view

(a) Ensure all required columns are included

(b)Ensure all items return in one set and not in batch.

3. Upload XSL file to a document library.

4. Add List WebPart to page

5. Edit List WebPart
(a) Select View that we created

(b) Put XSL file path that has been uploaded to document library

Now you should see similar like this: